PE & Sport

Physical Education at De Warenne Academy is taught with the aim of enabling all pupils to experience a wide range of different sporting activities while at the same time developing their knowledge of the importance of adopting a healthy active lifestyle. More importantly we teach our pupils to be good team players, positive role models and reliable and responsible members of their community. We promote a culture of fair play, mutual respect and sporting excellence.

Department staff

  • Mr D Gough (Head of Department)
  • Miss L Morley
  • Mr M Storey (Assistant Principal)
  • Mr A Turton
  • Mr R Brookes
  • Miss S Lanaghan

Key Stage 3

Pupils in Year 7, 8 and 9 are taught a wide range of sporting activities with a focus on developing basic to advanced skill acquisition, teamwork, communication, creativity and appreciating the many physical, mental and social benefits of physical education. As well as developing their knowledge of the skills, techniques and tactics required for many sports and activities, pupils develop an understanding of the rules required in different sports and take on different leadership roles in the lessons. Complimenting this, students also study for the OCR Cambridge Nationals Certificate in Sport Studies which includes developing sport skills and leadership in sport. Our intent is to offer a diverse range of activities that develop creative and independent learners and encourage learners to foster a lifelong enjoyment of physical education. An overview of the sports and physical activities offered are highlighted below   

KS3 overview

Year 7 – Athletics, Basketball, Dance, Fitness, Football, Gymnastics, Handball, Hockey, Netball, Rounders Rugby

Year 8 – Athletics, Cricket, Dance, Fitness, Football, Gymnastics, Hockey, Outdoor Education, Rounders Rugby

Year 9 - Athletics, Badminton, Cricket, Fitness, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rounders Rugby, Softball, Trampolining

Key Stage 4

Pupils in Years 10 and 11 continue their PE journey by studying the OCR Cambridge Nationals Certificate in Sport Studies and Sport Science pathways. They will cover themes that include nutrition, principles of training, media in sport and contemporary issues in sport. These lessons build upon the KS3 programme of study with Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural themes incorporated to further deepen pupils’ understanding of the world of sport and wider society issues such as sporting values; fair play, teamwork, tolerance, respect and inclusion, thus supporting the personal development of all pupils.

KS4 overview

Pupils in Year 10 and 11 are taught a range of invasion games such as football, rugby, netball and basketball, net games that include badminton, table tennis and short tennis, trampolining, Athletics, Outdoor Education and Fitness, including devising personal exercise plans. These require creative thinking and performance at maximum levels. Pupils are taught striking and fielding games that include cricket, rounders and softball and finally alternative/ emerging sports such as ultimate Frisbee and dodgeball. 

PE Intent

Our intent is to ensure learners develop a lifelong love of sport and continue being physically active when they move into post 16 study and beyond. Every year we compete in the Doncaster School Athletics competition and the Delta Games as well as running a week of competitive sporting activities leading up to the academy sports day. Every two years the PE team lead a popular ski trip to Austria, which includes trips to Xscape in preparation.

Every pupil is encouraged to attend enrichment and this programme alters over the year based on curriculum delivery and fixtures set within the Doncaster Schools PE Association. De Warenne offers many opportunities for pupils who want to further their enjoyment for participating in sport and physical activity and also those that want to compete at district, county and regional levels.  We have a modern fitness suite which enables pupils to follow their own personal exercise programmes. We offer a range of traditional sports clubs such as football, table tennis, basketball and trampolining. During school holidays we work with external providers to offer the Level 1 Sports and Dance Leader awards.

Every two years students have the opportunity to go on a ski trip to Austria, the next trip will be 2021.

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