Y8 Pledges

Y8 Pledges

The Year 8 Pledges Programme was launched in October 2020 and has been designed to encourage pupils to further their involvement with Academy life and the wider community, whilst working on key skills.

The programme consists of 8 Pledges which pupils have multiple opportunities to complete throughout the academic year. Those who successfully complete all Pledges will be invited to a rewards day in the summer to celebrate their huge successes.

Every pupil in Year 8 has a Pledge Passport and a Pledge Journal. Once a pupil completes a Pledge, they fill in the relevant section in their Journal to demonstrate the effort they have put in and reflect on the skills they have learned. On Wednesday lunchtimes pupils have the opportunity to bring along their Pledge Passport and completed Journal to the dining hall, where they receive a certificate and a stamp in their Passport.

The 8 Pledges include:

Pledge 1: Represent the Academy in a sporting, cultural, or academic event;

Pledge 2: Participate in a fundraising event;

Pledge 3: Regularly attend afterschool enrichment;

Pledge 4: Be involved with a community experience;

Pledge 5: Take part in a presentation to an audience;

Pledge 6: Help with the sustainability of the academy;

Pledge 7: Regularly offer help to staff within the academy;

Pledge 8: Consistently show kindness and courtesy to others around them.

Whilst there are opportunities to complete some of these within lessons, the majority really require pupils to go that extra mile and show a further commitment to the Academy beyond the classroom.

Pupils are actively encouraged to take part in the programme, as completing Pledges gives them additional opportunities to work on their transferrable skills which can then be utilised throughout their future. Taking part in a presentation to an audience, for example, gives pupils the opportunity to further enhance their confidence, whilst attending afterschool enrichment gives them the opportunity to develop new skills and talents. Many of the Pledges also link to various activities which regularly take place across the Academy; this year for example we have already seen many fundraising events take place which pupils were able to take part in, whilst also completing a Pledge.