BlazerBlack, incorporating the academy or DELTA logo.
Shirt Plain white with collar and top button. These can be long or short  sleeved.
TrousersPlain black. They should be loose fitting trousers. Skinny trousers,  jeggings and jean  styles are not allowed.
Skirt (optional)Plain black, they should be straight and knee length. Tight fitting Lycra  skirts are not  appropriate. 
TieStandard academy tie
Socks or TightsPlain black or nude
ShoesPlain black shoes (flat or low heeled). Canvas, boots, suede, pump or  trainer style  footwear is not permitted. There should be no gold or coloured trim.
Make upNatural and limited to foundation and concealer
BagsBlack and able to take an A4 folder

PE Kit

Polo ShirtRoyal blue with the academy or DELTA logo
Tracksuit bottomsPlain black or with academy or DELTA logo
Rugby Shirt/SweatshirtRugbyshirt - Royal blue/black with the DELTA logo or De Warenne sweatshirt
ShortsPlain black or with academy or DELTA logo
SocksPlain black football socks
Kit Bag 

*Previous De Warenne PE Kit is acceptable


In addition to all items referred to in the DELTA Academies Trust behaviour policy, e-cigs and all related items are banned from the academy.

Keeping Up Appearances

Make-up is not permitted;
Jewellery of any kind is not permitted;
A digital or analogue watch is permitted (no smart watches); Varnished/gel/acrylic/false nails are not permitted.

Only natural colours permitted.
Short cuts below a grade two are not permitted.
Shaved patterns are not permitted.
Hair accessories must be plain and brown or black in colour.

Mobile phones, MP3s, iPods and video game devices are not permitted in the Academy.

Important points to remember

  • Shoes must be plain black (there must be no gold or coloured trim).
  • Boots, trainers or pumps may not be worn (students wearing trainers/boots or inappropriate shoes must borrow school shoes for the day).
  • Skirts must be plain black and knee length. Tight fitting Lycra skirts are not appropriate.
  • Hoodies and tracksuit tops are not allowed. Students arriving at the academy wearing them will be issued with a one hour detention (C4 other).
  • Make up should be natural and limited to foundation and concealer.
  • Bags must be black and able to take an A4 folder.

PE Uniform

It is now the expectation that students wear P.E kit in lessons even when they are excused. We believe that students can take an active role in their P.E lesson such as; leading small groups, umpiring games, setting up and collecting equipment or analysing performance regardless of minor injuries or illness. Students will also benefit from keeping uniform clean and dry and will therefore be more comfortable for the rest of the school day.

In cold weather we encourage students to wear their school P.E jumper and Tracksuit bottoms in order to keep warm. We would obviously not ask students to get changed in the case of a long term or major injury/ illness e.g. broken leg (unless they wish to). We would also not ask students to get changed if this would cause them physical discomfort. Should your child be excused from P.E I would ask that you send a note in their planner on the day of their lesson.

Uniform Supplier

All Uniform items can be ordered online from our supplier DELTA Uniforms. The website www.sptuniforms.co.uk provides more detailed information.