Rewards and Recognition


At De Warenne Academy we believe that the amount of effort an individual makes has a direct impact on achievement in all walks of life. We aim to teach our students to be motivated to learn, resilient in the classroom and a pleasure to have in the academy. We recognise all positive contributions to academy life using effort points and as these accumulate, so students are rewarded and recognised on a half termly basis.

Effort scores

Twice a year we report on academic progress and effort in lessons to students and their parents.

Each subject teacher awards an effort score to recognise a student’s attitude to learning in lesson and their homework. The scores range from E4 to E1:

E4 - Outstanding

E3 - Good

E2 - Requires improvement

E1 - Unacceptable

Once the reports are issued the effort scores are converted to effort points on the school information system by their form tutor.

Effort points in lessons

Students can be awarded effort points in lessons for the quality of their contributions in class, their progress in class and their homework. Students can achieve one point for good effort and two for being outstanding.

Above and Beyond stickers

All subject teachers, learning support assistants and senior leaders have Above and Beyond stickers which can be awarded for exceptional effort in the academy. These are stuck in the student planner and each week form tutors log them on the school information system. They are worth five effort points.

Effort points for good attendance

Each week all students with 100% attendance for the preceding week are awarded with a purple 100% attendance sticker and five effort points by their form tutor.

Effort points for good conduct

Occasionally, students are collectively awarded effort points for good conduct in assembly, for example when engaging with a visiting speaker.

Effort points for tutor time

Students are awarded effort points in response to how well they do with our weekly literacy challenges.

Rewards and Recognition

Every week in assembly we recognise the top five students from each year group who have achieved the most effort points, used Hegarty maths the most and used GCSE Pod the most. Every student making the top five for one of these three categorise receives an SLT phone call home.

Every half term during the first week back we have a success assembly that recognises those who have scored the most effort points over the previous half term. The top effort point scorers will receive either a bronze, silver or gold certificate. The top two students in each year group will be presented with a platinum star badge for their blazer to go alongside their certificate.

Every half term we have reward events for the top fifty students in each year group. These events can range from movie afternoons in the auditorium to trips out of school. Venues we have previously visited include the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, the Trafford Centre, Alton Towers, Doncaster Dome bowling and the Vue cinema.