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We know that parental involvement has a strong and positive influence on a child’s level of attainment: the more parents get involved the higher the level of the pupil's attainment. As a school we are committed to working closely with families to ensure we are able to provide the best education and provision for your son/daughter. This can be achieved through open communication and ensuring that we effectively share information, we have an open door policy and welcome any information or concerns you have to ensure we can effectively support your child in school. With this in mind this section of the website has been designed to help parents and carers support the learning of their children.


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Adult learning

Family and community learning is important for many people who live and work in our communities. It is often the first step back into education and we understand that this can be daunting. However, Family and community learning is often the best place to start as you will be supported every step of the way. Many adults find family and community learning very rewarding, it can be just for pleasure or to gain the skills and knowledge required to look after children, parents and other relatives.

In the Doncaster area there are a couple of well know providers currently providing a range of online courses for parents/careers.

The Workers’ Educational Association (WEA) is an adult education provider who work across the United Kingdom, usually in community centres, schools, churches, and libraries providing a range of different courses for adults. There are a range of online courses available in the Doncaster area which are tailored towards parents/careers who want to get back into education or want to gain knowledge and skills which will support them and their families. Courses range from understanding ADHD to working in schools. Please see the link to the WEA page for more information and the courses available

Adult, Family and Community learning is provided by Doncaster Council. They offer a range of courses in community centres and schools. The courses offered are in three categories, family learning, community learning and Maths and English, most of which are currently online.

Please visit the following pages for information.

Family Learning:

Community Learning:

Maths and English:

If you would like more information or to register for any of the courses, please complete form via the link below: