Careers - Year 8 visit Skills Academy Fest

Thursday 7th February saw 114 year 8 students from De Warenne Academy attend The 2019 Doncaster Skills Academy Fest held at The Dome.

The event, which show cased over 87 local businesses and public services, was designed to inspire, enthuse and motivate young people to think about possible careers, employment and progression options with the aim of empowering students to make the most of their time in education.

Whilst attending the event the students were visibly enjoying interacting with the businesses, picking up information, taking advantage of the various interactive experiences available such as attempting the Army climbing wall, programming robots, strategy and virtual reality games, experiencing the weight of a full Police riot uniform and even cleaning a toilet.

In addition to the free pens, pencils, battery packs and 3D boxes collected they also returned to the academy having had many questions answered and gained a lot of valuable information from a variety of job sectors.

Mr Gough who accompanied the students said, “It was a pleasure to see the year group taking full advantage of such a fabulous opportunity, they were a credit to themselves and the academy. The students definitely returned with an increased knowledge of opportunities available to them in the future “