Y10 Take part in essay writing competition

A few weeks ago we were sent a letter from Askern Medical Practice (AMP) Group requesting entries for an essay competition for a prize of £100 and a certificate in memorial of the first president of the Patient Participation Group.

Over the past week the Science department has worked with the English department to produce a short essay advising the NHS on the issue of antibiotic resistance to enter for the competition. They have used real scientific journals and references to create this piece of writing.

Eleven students were shortlisted and were given time today to write up a final copy. These shortlisted entries are being submitted tomorrow to the competition. 

Shortlisted students:

  • Casey H
  • Elissia MC
  • Katie T
  • Bradley D
  • Jess A
  • Dana C
  • Emily R
  • Macauley K
  • Nicole D
  • Leonimay L
  • Freya DS