Welcome to the Student Council 2018

Above is the 2018 De Warenne student council which involves students from all year groups. These students completed an application form that explored their ideas to firstly raise £1000 for the Children’s Air Ambulance and secondly to help make De Warenne become more environmentally friendly. A follow up group interview highlighted that these students have a huge passion and commitment for achieving these two goals.

In their first meeting the team agreed to organise a Christmas raffle starting December 1st. Throughout December there will also be many surprise Christmas activities that staff, parents and students can get involved with to help raise £1000.

The student council are keen for De Warenne to become more environmentally friendly and the first agreed target is to launch ‘No Plastic Fridays’ where the academy will become plastic free every Friday. There are also plans to introduce recycling bins around the academy and other initiatives with Walkers Crisps and Duracell.