Welcome back!

Tuesday 4th September at 8:20 will see all students from Y7-Y13 starting the 2018/2019 academic year.

First Day

8:25 to 9:25 you will be in form time, if you received a timetable by email or have viewed it on School Gateway you should go to the room that your tutor time; marked 'TT' shows. A list on the wall will also guide you. Some forms may have changed so please do check.

Year 7

Look out for signs and Mrs Clayton your learning manager directing you. We will also collect fingerprints and send home letters about using our online payment system.

Parent Pay

We sent a message out last week letting you know that Parent Pay is now the way to pay for meals and trips. Some parents have already used Parent Pay in the past and your account is still valid. If you need to get set up please let our reception know when it reopens on Tuesday 4th September. 

Get in touch

In the meantime if you need to get in touch please send us a message through school gateway. If you haven't yet registered for school gateway and we already have your mobile number and email address you can go to