My Perfect University

On Friday 12 October 2018, year 9 students at De Warenne Academy took part in the 'My University Challenge' delivered by The Inspirational Learning Group and supported by NCOP.

In their teams, the year 9's, considered everything they already know about University and what they would want out of a perfect university. They also thought about the business side of the University including the logo, branding, promotion and their key offers.

Tasks included: Select a project manager and Myth Busting quiz, Ideas Mind-map and Perfect Customer, Branding and Marketing, Campus Design, YouTube Advert and Celebrity Endorsement, Presentation.

The overall aim of this programme is to inform young people of their options when they leave school and consider higher education in all form from Vocational Colleges, Higher Apprenticeships and University, by dispelling any myths regarding university, explaining about the wider skills you acquire through HE and also giving information on funding available, and giving the information in a fun and engaging day. Whilst throughout the day enhancing the soft skills, teamwork, communication, leadership, such as required for both the world of work and HE. 

The team that won the competition was graded throughout the day for their teamwork, dedication to every task throughout the day thus creating a unique University which was very well considered. The winning team was made up of Riley Newton, Cobi Whitehead, Amelia Cope, Isla Beaver and Joe Wilson who were presented with a certificate of achievement from the Inspirational Learning Group and a box of chocolates.