De Warenne Academy personal development day

On Friday 9th October, Year 9 and Year 10 pupils at De Warenne Academy participated in an action packed personal development day. Teaching staff led sessions on mental health, consent, CSE, crime and gangs. However the pupils were also able to hear from engaging guest speakers including Paul Hannaford, Emma Bloodworth, from South Yorkshire Police and Shaun Ireland from The Triple S Network.

Paul Hannaford shared his amazing story with staff and pupils. As a recovered drug addict he was well qualified to warn the pupils about the dangers of drug addiction, knife crime, gangs, guns and county lines. Pupils found his workshop thought provoking and hard-hitting.

South Yorkshire Police informed pupils about the danger of county lines and made their presentation relevant to De Warenne pupils by sharing the latest information about county lines gangs in the local area. Emma Bloodworth from SYP presented the sessions and led engaging activities throughout the day.

Shaun Ireland from The Triple S Network spoke about the danger gangs present to young people in Doncaster and introduced “Fight for Good”, which is a local project designed to reduce the risk of young people joining gangs by encouraging participation in boxing.

During the day Year 7 pupils participated in the #HelloYellow project. Staff wore yellow to show pupils that they are not alone in their mental health. Activities took part throughout the day and pupils shared positive moments to spread some joy with one and other.

The personal development day was a great success. Pupils left the academy talking about the sessions with enthusiasm as they crossed the blue line and are better equipped to deal with stress, anxiety and criminal exploitation.