Careers - Barclays Life Skills build confidence in Year 9

Self-Confidence session

The Self-Confidence lesson is designed to help students understand how successfully meeting a challenge can have a positive impact on their personal development and to enable them to understand the processes involved in achieving future goals. This is done in three steps: 1. Identify challenges and describe both the positive and negative feelings associated with overcoming them. 2. Define personal challenges and the reasons for undertaking them. 3.Plan how to overcome fear and the challenges. 

Jo the facilitators response to the day:

The students were open to the ideas around what challenges are and how your mindset can affect what you achieve. I felt that they were able to pinpoint challenges they have faced and why they were hard and were also able to plan how to overcome a future challenge. The students were willing to engage in conversations about what they found difficult and were honest about why they wanted to achieve certain goals. Overall, I think the day went really well and that the students have extra information in their toolkit ready for the future.

Mr Turton - Head of Sixth Form and Careers