Literacy & Numeracy

Literacy Support

All pupils in Year 7 are assessed using GL Assessment’s reading test when they join the academy: .The assessment helps highlight which pupils require catch up tuition. Literacy support is provided in different ways depending on the need of each pupil. This could include reading support in the library, small group literacy tuition, phonics and the Reading Reconsidered programme. In addition all pupils in Year 7 and 8 access the Accelerated Reader programme three times per week: Accelerated Reader is a programme designed to encourage a love of reading and move children towards age appropriate reading as quickly as possible, testing for comprehension along the way. The programme uses pupil interests and reading levels to suggest books that are suitable or pupils can self-select from over 200,000 choices.

Numeracy Report

Every child at De Warenne has access to an online programme called Hegarty Maths: .Pupils are set specific tasks to complete every week as homework but do not access Hegarty maths in class. A Hegarty Club runs during lunch time so all pupils can complete their homework and in addition pupils can complete extra activities of their choice if they wish. Pupils in Key Stage 3 can also use an online programme called Sparx: and maths teachers set tasks as homework. Pupils identified as falling behind age related expectations attend intervention and also benefit from additional small group tuition during maths lessons.