Year Group


Learning Outcomes (PHSE, Get Set Time)

Year 7

  • Me and my world
  • My Life and Career
  • Challenging stereotypes and money matters.

We look at our strengths and weaknesses to consider career choices and pathways, looking at how stereotypes may influence us. We consider how to manage our money and how wealth is distributed throughout the world.

Year 8

  • Me and my world
  • My Life and Career
  • What is the best pathway for me?

We will further our knowledge of the career pathways ahead of us and assess the role of education in shaping our futures.  We will look at becoming confident public speakers and developing our interview skills.

Year 9

  • Job Awareness
  • What Are My Choices for KS4?

Be aware of what job and labour market information is and how it can help you with planning for the future. Look systematically at the choices and opportunities open to you in the future. Pupils explore the media and fake news and how this can affect the decisions we make. Pupils think about stereotypes and where these come from and how they can affect the decisions we make.

Year 10

  • Exploring Possibilities
  • Being financially sound
  • Getting ready for Y11?

Pupils are introduced to CV’s and the importance of building a personal profile about themselves to help prepare for the world of work.
Pupils look at the importance of planning and what they can do to help get ready for Year 11. They are also introduced to Finance.

Year 11

  • What will I do after Y11?
  • Being financially sound

We look at the labour market and think about what skills are required to go into certain careers.
Post 16 pathways are explored which includes a focus on apprenticeships. Students discuss the skills, which would be useful for interviews to help prepare for any college/apprenticeship interview. Preparing pupils for adult life and understanding finance