Year Group

The Big Question

Learning Outcomes (PHSE, Get Set Time)

Year 7

What skills and qualities do I have? Who are the people that influence me?

We will describe our strengths, our preferences and ourselves. We will recognise the qualities and skills that we possess and think about how we can use them in later life employment.

We will look at the people who influence our lives and think about what impact they will have on our futures.

Year 8

Decisions and GCSE pathways

We will recap the skills and qualities that we possess and think about how these have changed since Year 7. We look at the different pathways that students can take and think about what GCSE options would be suitable and where we might like to go post 16.

Year 9

Job Awareness and the media

Be aware of what job and labour market information is and how it can help you with planning for the future. Look systematically at the choices and opportunities open to you in the future. Students explore the media and fake news and how this can affect the decisions, we make. Students think about stereotypes and where these come from and how they can affect the decisions we make.

Year 10

Getting ready for life after Y11?

Students are introduced to CV’s and the importance of building a personal profile about themselves to help prepare for the world of work. Students look at the importance of planning and what they can do to help get ready for Year 11.

Year 11

What will I do after Y11? 

We look at the labour market and think about what skills are required to go into certain careers.

Post 16 pathways are explored which includes a focus on apprenticeships. Students discuss the skills, which would be useful for interviews to help prepare for any college/apprenticeship interview.

Year 12 & Year 13

Aiming Higher

All students work through The Progression Module to help them make decisions and well informed decisions about what course and career path that best suits them. Students will have a plan of what they want to do next. They will have the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge through enrichment activities, life lessons, visits and work experience to support them in their long-term career. 1-2-1 guidance is available to discuss Higher Education, Higher/Degree Apprenticeships and Post 18 options.