Homework should consist of worthwhile and meaningful activities aimed to extend the learning of the student beyond the classroom. Tasks should:

  • consolidate and reinforce skills and understanding
  • support work completed in class
  • develop independent learning skills
  • allow students to develop and practise the skills and knowledge that they will need to apply in assessment situations such as exams
  • be age accessible and differentiated according to ability
  • develop skills and attributes such as resilience and investigation.

Homework set may include:

  • subject based projects (over a half term for example)
  • preparing a presentation to the class
  • research
  • creating resources (this could include cooking, drawing or making models for example)
  • trying out a simple scientific experiment
  • revision for a test or assessment.

Expectations of staff

  • In Y7 and 8 homework will be set weekly in English, maths and science and fortnightly in French, geography and history. Subjects taught only once a week will set homework on a less frequent basis.
  • In Y9, 10 and 11 homework will be set weekly in every subject with the exception of core PE.
  • Sixth Form students will be set independent learning tasks subject to the requirements of the course being studied.      
  • Homework will be marked in line with the academy marking policy, with feedback provided by the teacher.
  • Effort points will be awarded to students for good pieces of homework.
  • Wow boards in departments will be used to display homework with photographs taken for the academy’s Twitter account.
  • Homework must be recorded in planners and clearly labelled in books or on sheets.
  • Homework deadlines should be reasonable and realistic. At least 48 hours should be given for students to complete their homework.
  • In maths all students are to be set Hegarty homework by their teachers. This is a trust wide policy and must be adhered to.