You can read our E-safety Policy on our Statutory Information page here.

Useful websites


Think You Know




Childline Get involved - Zipit App


Safer Internet 

Parental Controls for Mobile Phones


Netsafe - How can I put controls on child's mobile phone

Staysafe online

Android Mobile parental Control

Tesco help site

The Parent Zone

Social Media

Free resources for parents / carers

Help keeping children safe when they are online. The parental guides cover risks posed and actions to keep safe, these guides cover the big four social media platforms your pupils will be currently using (Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat and TikTok).

Visit https://www.onlinesafetyalliance.org/free-resources-for-safer-internet-day-2020/ to download them.

Resources for pupils

The OSA Certificate of Online Safety provides an off-the-shelf solution to ensure that your pupils have fully up to date knowledge of how to stay safe online and how to deal with issues that arise. It also provides you, as DSL, with tangible data that proves your pupils have received and understood such training. Further details on the OSA Certificate of Online Safety can be found at https://www.onlinesafetyalliance.org/osa-certificate/

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