Views of the Academy

We pride ourselves on our approach to be the best that we can possibly be and the views of staff, parents and pupils play an important role in supporting our drive to improve the opportunities that we offer. We undertake surveys on an annual basis linked directly to those undertaken by OFSTED in all schools nationally.

What our students say……

In recent OFSTED visits inspectors spoke with groups of students. In the reports, they stated that:

The quality of the academy’s work to enhance the well-being of pupils and prepare them well for life in modern Britain is good. Pupils have good knowledge about British society, learn how to lead healthy lives, how to recognise risk and keep themselves safe (OFSTED 2015)

Pupils behave well during social time and when moving around the academy. Bullying is rare and dealt with well when it occurs. Pupils are adamant that they are well cared for and feel safe and secure at school (OFSTED 2015)

Regular meetings to discuss pupils progress at key stage 4 and key stage 5 mean that pupils who need extra help are quickly identified. Year 11 pupils feel that the extra work they are doing in English and mathematics is impacting positively on their learning (OFSTED 2017)

Pupils and staff agree that behaviour has improved. Pupils are ready to learn and learning is not interrupted. Consequently, attitudes to learning have improved (OFSTED 2017)

What our parents say…….

In the most recent parent survey’s, the feedback we received was very positive:

100% of parents surveyed agreed or strongly agreed that their child is making good progress, 97% of parents would recommend De Warenne Academy to another parent.

95% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that the Academy is well managed and 95% of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child felt safe at De Warenne Academy.

In a staff survey our dedicated and hardworking body of staff said that they are proud to work at De Warenne Academy. They also said that they feel there has been considerable improvements, which have been recognised in two recent OFSTED reports.

Staff say these improvements are due to the significant contribution of the excellent relationships that have been built between students, staff and families.