Academy Productions & Events

The academy showcases the talents of our students and staff by producing a two shows each year. This year we have become a partner of the National Theatre and have been selected to take part in a production titled 'Variations'. Later in 2019 we hope to confirm our second show of the year.

Tickets for the De Warenne Academy Theatre production -

Tickets for the CAST production -

Variations - March 2019

Reviews from audience members

We Will Rock You - July 2018

"Wow, what a fantastic show - well done to all the cast"

"I haven't seen a standing ovation at a school performance in a long time"

"The whole atmosphere was that of a rock show"

School of Rock - July 2017

"The talent of the pupils involved in this show is unbelievable"

"Well done to De Warenne Academy for staging the first musical at the school in a long time"