About Delta

Delta Academies Trust

Registered Office:

Education House

Spawd Bone Lane

Knottingley. WF11 0EP

Telephone: 0345 196 0033

Email: info@deltatrust.org.uk

Company Number: 07386086 (England and Wales)

VAT Number: 115 811 243

Governance at Delta Academies Trust - An overview

Delta is a charitable company subject to company law and it is a not for profit organisation.  Delta is a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) and the Delta Board of Directors is the legal governing body of all academies within the MAT.  Board members act collectively: with the exception of the Chief Executive they do not have individual executive authority.  The Board has delegated to the Chief Executive responsibility for the day-to–day management of the company.  The Board of Directors (BoD) set out Delta group strategy and operational policies, which are then applied within and across all academies through Academy Advisory Bodies (AABs).  

Academy Advisory Bodies

Each Academy within the group has an Academy Advisory Body (AAB), which is a sub–committee of the main Delta Board.   The responsibilities of the AABs along with their financial delegations are laid out in the Delta Governance Handbook.  The Academy Advisory Body (AAB) plays a key role in the quality assurance of educational standards of each Academy. 

The AAB in conjunction with the Principal is responsible for setting strategic priorities for the academy, overseeing development planning and evaluating impact against identified priorities.  The AAB works with the Academy Senior Leadership Team to improve the whole life of the academy and its impact on the community.   Academy Advisory Bodies have specific duties to provide support and constructive challenge in the areas of:

  • Educational Standards
  • Safeguarding
  • Staffing, Recruitment and HR
  • Facilities, ICT and Estate
  • Community and local issues
  • Finance and legal   

The AAB and academy staff are supported in delivering their responsibilities by the sponsor Core Team.  The core team is comprised of highly skilled professionals with a wealth of experience in the areas outlined.  There is a calendared schedule of meetings throughout the year, which are reported to Delta via the minutes of these meetings.   Local AAB member involvement in the life of the Academy is ensured via the appointment of link members, who meet the Academy Senior Leadership Team and other appropriate staff in their areas of responsibility.   

Keep-in-Touch meetings (KITs)

The Principal and Chair of the AAB (or their representative from within the AAB membership) attend Keep-in-Touch meetings throughout the year with the CEO. Key personnel from the Delta Core Team, which includes School Improvement, Governance, Finance, HR, Estate management and ICT attend these meetings.  Delta’s Chief Executive or Director of Education chairs the KIT meetings.   

These meetings review progress against targets that have been agreed with the Principal for the academy and provide an opportunity to identify key risks to achieving these targets and outline any mitigating actions necessary.  Each AAB area of responsibility is risk rated on a RAG model to provide an overview of the position at each Academy.   This risk rating is updated at subsequent KIT meetings to provide an indication of Academy progress.  The sponsor core team are also rated on effectiveness of supporting the Academy and AAB to achieve outstanding school status under the current Ofsted framework.