Y7 RS Super Learning day

7th July 2014

June saw the first ever day dedicated to RS for Y7 students who were excited and looked forward to attending the different workshops .

Most had the opportunity to explore three different religious traditions. There was meditation in Buddhism, a quiz on Islamic facts and the enactment of the last hours of Jesus' life in Christianity. There were visiting speakers to all three sessions and students were given opportunity to ask questions and learn all about the different religions.

There were further workshops with religious themes in different subject areas: English, French, music, drama and food technology. There were also visiting Gospel singers in music.

Quotes from students at the end of the day summed up their experience:

"Singing was fun. You got to join in and sing with Clive and Liz"

"I enjoyed the lesson with Abdool because I learned a lot about Islam"

"Cooking with Mr Ramage was fun I loved making bread from different religious cultures."