Work Experience

7th October 2014

June 2014 saw our Year 10 students embark on their two weeks of practical work experience.

This year we had a marked increase in the number of employers willing to offer placements and broaden the variety and quality in areas such as pharmaceutical and engineering where of particular note was a unique opportunity to work in the aeronautical stress testing industry. Partnerships this year included Doncaster Council, The Racecourse, Doncaster Dome, Bridon, Senior Architectural Systems and Cooplands.

Feedback from employers and students was exceptional with some employers taking the time to write letters expressing how impressed they were with our students’ attitudes, hard work and enthusiasm. Equally pleasing was the number of students who were offered part time working opportunities which was a clear indication that our students are demonstrating the skills and qualities that employers are looking for.

Two students impressed a large local company when following research they gave an excellent presentation on the subject of 3D Printers and were trusted with the responsibility of dealing with orders worth thousands of pounds.

Congratulations to all Year 10 students involved in this worthwhile experience who were a credit both to the academy and themselves.