Sports Day 2014

18th June 2014

Sports Day this year took place on Wednesday 18 June. Holly came into the competition as holders of the title, a position they had maintained for three consecutive years. They were also in the lead at the beginning of the day as they had won three of the four inter-house football competitions that had taken place the week before. It was a glorious day and the competition was fierce with many stunning individual performances. The scores were very close going into the afternoon session with Holly holding their lead and Willow and Oak following closely. Mr Turton said "It is the closest competition we have had in years and I am very excited to see the outcome. I hope that my team (Willow) can perform to the best of their ability as I think they may have a chance!". The spectators watched and supported their peers suberbly and everyone involved had a fantastic afternoon. Holly succesfully defended their title and will hold the cup for another year!