Ready Steady Cook

6th January 2014

De Warenne's caterers, Chartwells, organised another of their fabulous ready, steady cook-style competitions for our Year 7 students.

The Red Team - Abbie Trow (Head Girl), Mrs Steele, Sasha Wordsworth (Oak) and Nicholas Nicola (Willow) - competed against the Green team - Danii Taylor (Deputy Head Girl), Mrs Clayton, Elle Brailey (Beech) and Nathan Edwards (Holly).

Following a very informative session on nutrition and healthy eating, both teams quickly got to work and made some fantastic food in just 15 minutes. With only 5 minutes to plate up, the pressure was on but both teams completed in time with the Green team making a wonderful salmon hash and salmon fishcakes with broccoli. The Red team's plate was a colourful tasty dish of chicken stir fry, cinnamon rice, green beans and steamed strips of chicken wrapped with peppers and spring onions.

The Year 7 audience voted and the vote was the closest we have seen. The Green team beat the Red team with the narrowest of margins. The event was enjoyed by all (especially the tasting session at the end) and thanks go to Darren and Tim from Chartwells.