Mzvuele High School choir visit

10th July 2012

A group of Y7 students were given the opportunity to perform in front of the Mzvuele School Choir when they visited De Warenne Academy on 10th July. The Mzvuele School Choir from Durban, South Africa were visiting England on an exchange visit with Garforth Academy Leeds and were invited to visit De Warenne by Head Girl, Harriet Brammer who had been given a lifetime opportunity of visiting the Mzvuele High School at Easter with other Post 16 students from Garforth Academy. The visit to De Warenne included a tour of the academy, a lesson with a group of Y7 students and a trip down to Conisbrough Castle. Students from 7C confidently sang in front of the choir, some performing solo, and were rewarded in return by hearing the breathtaking sounds from the African choir. Other students around the academy commented on the beautiful voices they could hear echoing round the corridors. Both the Y7 students and the Mzvuele choir thoroughly loved the cultural experience and we hope to welcome them again in the future.