De Warenne celebrates Year 11 results

24th August 2017

Students, staff and parents are celebrating another year of improved results at De Warenne Academy.

In English and Mathematics the percentage of pupils achieving a grade 4 pass or above in both subjects was 54%, with English Literature results at grade 4 and above 16% higher than those achieving a grade C last year.

There has been a great improvement in performance in subjects across the broader academic curriculum this year, with 100% of students achieving A*-C in GCSE Computing, Fine Art and Business Studies and 82% in GCSE Physical Education.  Meanwhile in the triple sciences students achieved 92% A*-C in Physics and 79% in Biology and Chemistry and the percentage of pupils achieving at least two good passes in science has gone up by 10% since last year.

On an individual level, Cordie Freeman deserves a special mention for achieving the prestigious grade 9 in Mathematics and 10 more qualifications including a grade 7 in English Literature and grade A* and A in all other subjects.

Cameron Sambrook was very successful in achieving 11 qualifications, including a grade 8 in Maths, grade 6 in English, A* in Physics and grade A across all his other subjects.

Twins, Cameron and Connor Hamshaw, worked diligently and competitively all year, each wanting to do as well as the other.  Both boys did well, each finishing with eight qualifications graded B and C.

The Principal, Anna Rooney, said “I am delighted to see our students rewarded for their efforts.  These success stories are just the tip of the iceberg.  Our staff have worked hard this year to improve results across all subjects and I am pleased with our progress, which was also recognised when Ofsted visited in January.  At a time when GCSE exams are becoming increasingly challenging for our students I am very pleased that there is so much to celebrate, both at an individual student level and across the Academy.  I hope that we can build upon these successes and go on to do even better next year”.

Paul Tarn, Chief Executive Officer of Delta Academies Trust, said “I am delighted that the hard work of our students, the dedication of staff, and the unrelenting support of parents are reflected in the results that the students have achieved today.  I would like to congratulate students and look forward to further improvements and continued success at De Warenne Academy”.