Beech sporting success…… last!!!

3rd February 2015

January saw the second intra house sports competition with the Year 9s participating in a mixed dodgeball event. The competition was a round robin format with the top two vying for maximum points. After a fiercely contested group the top three teams were only split by 3 points. Oak and Willow played out a tight 3rd/4th placed game with the latter taking bronze (3 points). The final between Holly and Beech was equally competitive and against all odds Beech finally have finally proved themselves in the sporting arena!

Final standings with total score from two events in brackets where points go towards final sports day results;

1st Beech 10pts (11pts)

2nd Holly 5pts (10pts)

3rd Willow 3pts (6pts)

4th Oak 1pt (11pts)

Well done to Owen Rave, Aidan Wileman, Ricky Roddis, Liam Alcock, Antony Hanks, Brandon Cripps, Kian Gerrard, Ellie Kay, Keeley Haywood, Catrina Brown, Georgia Allen and Megan Rodgers.